Tap 1 : At your home screen, tap on the iWant icon.                                         icon-round_textmedium


Tap 2 : Pick the category you're interested in -- you'll see the top 20 

results in that category (for the radius specified in the 

settings page, we'll get to that in a bit).


Tap 3 : Tap the result that you're interested in and you'll see the details.  If it's a place and/or address you already recognize, you're done!

More Taps: On this (the detail) screen, tap the phone number to call.  Tap the mini-map on the top left to plot this business using the built in google maps app.   The other choices are listed on this screen.



On almost of the screens of iWant there is a button on the bottom-right of the screen with a map icon.  Clicking this will bring up your results in map view.  

Here is how you can interact with the view:A double-tap on the view zoom in.  A tap with two fingers together will zoom out.  You can also "pinch zoom" with two fingers the same way as the built in google maps app.  A single finger on the map will allow you to move the map around.

Tap in the middle of the blue circle and drag it around to update your location (either because the location services didn't quite get your position or you're trying to explore the neighbourhood).   When you let go, the results update based on your new location and the map re-centers itself.

If you had a business selected, it's shown in blue.

Bonues feature: The little red triangles on the edges indicate buisinesses that are off the maps (either zoom out of pan the map around to see them).  As far as I know, this feature is unique to iWant.



To get to the settings screen simply tap on the little gear icon that shows up on the bottom-left every screen of iWant (except, of course, on the settings page).  

Hopefully, the settings screen is pretty self explanatory.  Your radius and sort order are stored in your preferences and will show up the same way the next time you launch iWant.  If you alter the radius while you are looking at a particular category, we remember that setting for this particular search.

As soon as you hit the done button the  search results update to match the new settings.

 (© 2008 Rudrajit Samanta)