1. Does this work outside the US ?

Unfortunately, not yet.  The data sources I currently use, Yahoo Local and Yelp, are specific to the United States.

2. Will you be adding support for other countries ?

I would love to, but this is currently a one person operation, so it may take a little time.  Canada and the OK are probably first on the list.  At this point I need an API for yellow pages data for both countries.  If you are a web programmer outside the US, and you understand what the term "REST API for finding local shops/services" means, please get in touch with me via the support page.

3. Could you please add Ice Cream/Churches/Wine Stores/whatever ?

The challenge is keeping the interface simple but useful as opposed to comprehensive and cluttered.  So I will be adding new icons, but slowly.  The latest update has a search feature (tap the magnifying glass icon) that will lety ou type in your custom category.  It's not as easy as the canned searches but it lets you find whatever it is you're looking for.

4. My favorite neighborhood restaurant/cafe/bank/etc. is missing, what should I do ?

For now, the cafe, restaurant, bars and clothing stores data comes from Yelp.  You can register for their website (http://www.yelp.com) and write a review of a place that does not exist, or if you're the owner of a business -- have a friend review it.

The most of the rest of the data comes from Yahoo Local Search.  You can contact them (http://local.yahoo.com) about missing businesses.

The latest update of iWant also pulls in data from a lot of different sources such as Wikipedia and outside.in.

As iWant is currently a one person operation, it's not possible for me to actually maintain these databases.  I rely on free and open APIs provided by major websites for all the data that is displayed in iWant.

5. How do I change my location ?

For now, there are a few things you can try : 

1) In the map view, tap the keyboard icon.  You can then type in a zip code, a city+state, a 3 letter airport code or even a complete address.

2) You can move your current location in the map view (the blue circle) by dragging the center of the circle.  If you need to move the circle a large distance, tap once with two fingers to zoom out -- repeat until you can see your destination.  Now zoom in by double tapping on the map and refining the location of the blue circle.

3) Once you have used either of the techniques above to change your location, iWant stops using the phones location feature.  To start auto-updating your location again, please tap the 'locate me' icon in the bottom of the map view.

 (© 2008 Rudrajit Samanta)