I'll try to highlight some of the technologies used to build iWant and it's surrounding infrastructure here.

No more comments!

Sorry guys, the commenting system that comes with Sandvox is really quite weak.  I guess it makes sense as it's very much a super-easy visual site builder aimed at beginners.  Please just use the support page to e-mail me.

Also, the only reason I turned on comments was to get some sort of discussion going.  However, pretty much all the comments are just direct questions for me, which are better served via direct e-mail.

Someday when I decide to forgo the visual editor aspect of Sandvox (or similar products) and jump to Wordpress, we'll turn commenting back on.

It's all about FREE

As this is a project done purely in my free time and the product is free, it's important that I rely on free services to get all this done.

Here's a list of the more obvious things that I use :

  • Gmail - email support
  • Google Analytics (on this website to track usage)
  • XCode

Here are some not so obvious ones : 
  • DrawIt Lite (great free vector drawing tool)
  • Yahoo local API
  • Yelp API

These aren't free but they're relatively inexpensive :
  • Keynote (I use the simple vector drawing tools for the icons)
  • Sandvox (used to create this site)

 (© 2008 Rudrajit Samanta)