The key to iWant is speed and simplicity.  We want you to get to high-quality and relevant results almost instantly.  In most situations, only 3 taps (from your iPhone home screen) will get you to the details page for a specific business.

iWant uses locate_textmediumCore Location so that you never have to enter your address or zipcode.  To the best of my knowledge, this is the only app that allows you to actually update your location in the map view.  Simply drag the center of the blue circle on the map, and iWant will dynamically update your position and retry the active search from your new location.  A great way to explore a new neighborhood!

iWant provides access to more than just restaurant reviews or movies.  It tries to identify all the common queries -- restaurants, movies, gas stations, pharmacies -- and present them in a clean, intutive and efficient interface.  Getting to the details of a business is usally just two taps away from the home screen.  It also taps into all sorts of other services like Wikipedia and blog articles relevant to locations near you! 

iWant will continue to add more services as we push out updates -- events and concerts are probably next.  Support for Canada and the UK are also coming.  Keep looking for new and improved features in the app updates.


 (© 2008 Rudrajit Samanta)